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Linda’s Humble Beginnings

One of Linda Hopp’s first jobs found her working in a retail department store where her strong work ethic and obvious ambition quickly earned her a promotion into management. In her mind, though, she was still a young girl, relatively inexperienced and very much overwhelmed by the power granted her position. It was then that she came to a faithful conclusion that continues to guide her to this day.”I pondered over the word power”, Linda recalls. She knew she had been given a gift that she could either abuse or make a difference in the lives of the people who worked for her.

It was a revelation that allowed Linda to discover her life’s true mission. From that day forward, Linda strives to do whatever she could to always put herself in her employees’ shoes and to bring about positive change whenever and wherever possible. This unique philosophy resulted in a prestigious management career that spanned more than 20 years.

Discovering the Final Frontier

That single anecdote tells you a lot about Linda. She is a woman who is always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world around her and improve the lives of the people she meets. Linda carefully weighs how her actions impact others in everything she does. She calls it her “footprint”, and her ultimate goal in life is to leave a positive impact on as many people as possible in her time on this Earth.

After discovering Alaska and moving here in 2003, Linda decided to pursue a passion she’d developed earlier in life. At one point decades ago, Linda earned her real estate license. But at the time, she was a single mom raising three children, and she simply couldn’t devote the time necessary to the position while still being there for her kids. Once her children were grown and she arrived in Alaska unencumbered, she knew it was a new opportunity to pursue her professional “dream job.” She’s never looked back.

Making an Impact

Linda takes her role as a leading Anchorage Real Estate professional very seriously. She understands the utter importance of a family’s home, both personally and financially, and that’s why she devotes so much care and effort to every client. To Linda, assisting with the sale or purchase of your home isn’t just about getting the right price or finding the ideal property. What’s most important is how your transaction impacts you and your family members’ lives. It’s that opportunity that inspires Linda to give her all every step of the way.

Linda’s obvious passion for Anchorage also fuels her real estate success. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the various communities throughout the area, lending her a well-rounded expertise when it comes to finding the right home or helping you price your property correctly. She’s a savvy negotiator, a skill developed in that initial job in retail management many moons ago. But perhaps most importantly, Linda is easy to get along with and a joy to be around. Her warm, friendly personality makes the whole process enjoyable for her clients.

A Positive Impact on Anchorage Real Estate

If you’re considering the sale or purchase of a home in Anchorage or the surrounding communities, don’t take chances with your move. Instead, turn to the proven professional who is making A Positive Impact on Anchorage Real Estate. Call Linda Hopp today to schedule a private consultation!

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